Third Son.

Third Son is arguably among the hardest working artists in the current UK house music scene. The London based DJ and hardware wizard has spent the past few years building up his reputation, releasing music through respected outlets 17 Steps, Skint and TERR’s Clash Lion as well as clocking up remix credits for, among others, Marc Romboy and Maya Jane Coles (under her Nocturnal Sunshine alias). That is as well as heading up his own fantastic imprint Polymath. If you’re still unsure about just how productive he is, he just created his entire debut album ’20 Days’, in (yep, you guessed it) only twenty days. It was with great pleasure that we welcomed him into the Accidental family in 2020 with his ‘The Brain named Itself’ EP.

‘Bag O’ Bones’ opens up proceedings with its clattering toybox percussion, throbbing kick drums and dissonant lead stabs. The track has a brittle, dry quality to it, but Third Son’s ear for the dance floor is clear as the arrangement smoothly rolls along at a firm pace. More of the same is served up in ‘Chime Salad’, with layers upon layers of wonky, shifting percussion, building up into a tower of sound that feels as though it should come crumbling down, but somehow always stands firm.

The B1 ‘Phase Of Going Through Life’ brings the energy back down to earth with its slightly sparser arrangement and clips of bird songs, while still maintaining the off kilter pace of the previous pieces. The record then closes with the feel-good club work out, ‘The Brain Named Itself’, where we find Third Son administering a last-minute, sharp injection of groove. The dissonant synths that opened the record are replaced by brilliant, euphoric chord sweeps and pounding drums that are sure to move any dancefloor.