My Robot Friend.

My Robot Friend is an electronic music/performance art project from New York led by the enigmatic Howard Robot. Started in late 2001, My Robot Friend earned positive critical acclaim from the start, making Rolling Stone magazine’s annual Hot List in the first year of existence. Since then, My Robot Friend has gained a glowing international reputation for making cleverly subversive music and stretching the boundaries of live performances around the world. My Robot Friend’s live show is a visually and musically unique experience, falling somewhere between the manic energy of Devo and the creative, refined performance art of Laurie Anderson. Howard Robot performs in an elaborate, personally-designed light-up suit while interacting with other intricate, beautiful illuminated objects, wireless video cameras, pyrotechnics, synchronized videos, and other odd home-made props. Humorous, subversive, conceptual and sometimes dangerous, My Robot Friend questions humans about their relationship with technology and each other, poking fun at everything in the process.

my robot1In November 2004, My Robot Friend’s ‘Hot Action!’ made its emergence from New York City’s electronic underground. The album spent several months in the CMJ charts and hit the top 20 electronic albums on iTunes international sales charts. My Robot Friend’s second album ‘Dial 0’ was released by Soma Records in 2006. Songs from this album have appeared on television (Malcolm in the Middle) and film (Unknown White Male). My Robot Friend’s third record, ‘Robot High School,’ is planned to be released in 2008. Artists such as The Pet Shop Boys and Robbie Williams have covered My Robot Friend’s songs, and remixers and collaborators have included bands as diverse as Antony, Matmos, Modeselektor, Jeans Team, Dean and Britta, Electronicat, Safety Scissors, Derrick Carter, Tommie Sunshine, Outputmessage, and Zombie Nation.