micah2“Everything” – the debut album produced by Brazilian legend Arto Lindsay and harnessing the creative juices of Micah Gaugh, a Panamanian-born, Texas bred musical genius – channels Tricky, Prince and Cocteau Twins into some utterly original avant-garde R’n’B musical soundscapes. Stark pop songs abound, where Micah’s soulful vocals are spun with electronic sugar and stripped back reggae b-lines, and sweet melodies are undershot with background menace.

micah1The spark that lit “Everything” into a fully-fledged album was Accidental Records boss Matthew Herbert, who met Gaugh while the latter was dry-humping a speaker-stack at the Triptych Festival in Scotland. Herbert was wowed and Micah decided to offer up some of his more accessible tunes – “my avant-pop moments”. As such opening track ‘Constant’ has a gentle, childlike warmth that punctuates the entire album, layers of rich keys and saxophone building and weaving in and out of the half spoken, half sung storytelling. It’s an absorbingly spooky trip where nothing is beyond possibility, and like Matthew Herbert notes; “It’s nice to see that whilst the commercial success of modern black music seems to increasingly polish out the soul and iron out the ticks, there’s 6ft men in kilts out there ready to push a few buttons and see what happens.”