Like A Villain.

Like a Villain’s sound is not one that can be easily pinned down. Throughout her LP ‘What Makes Vulnerability Good’ which she released with us in 2019, she effortlessly shifts between powerful industrial pop, noise, minimalist jazz, vocal drones and solo melodies, with a vocal range which more that matches this eclecticism. Her sometimes low, intimate performance is contrasted by huge, passionate, almost screamed efforts that demonstrate a willingness to push past the outer limits of conventional delivery.

When speaking about the record, she stated, “My goal is to create a space where we can safely be turned to rubble, and then compassionately examine the pieces while we heal our most tender selves. Of course, we at times need a reprieve from intensity, so I offer those moments in the album as well.”

From Portland USA, Holland Andrews was raised surrounded by women singing, in fact her mother and sisters were in a group signed to Joe Jackson’s record label in the 1970’s. Andrews’ own musical path was formed in the creation and performance of soundscapes for dance, theatre and film artists. Andrews’ work has garnered recognition from publications such as The New York Times, Le Monde, La Republica and Business Times (among others).