Julian Sartorius.

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The beat is the defining element in the life of Julian Sartorius. Born 1981 in Thun (Switzerland), he began his first drum lessons at the age of five and followed his passion via marches, Michael Jackson and as a member of local underground bands. With his rhythms, which push the boundaries of New Music, Hip-Hop and World Music, Sartorius reveals the endless possibilities and range of his instrument. He often prepares his drums, works with unusual, unprocessed acoustic sounds and develops, beat by beat, an unheard environment of sound. Julian Sartorius was taught by musicians such as Fabian Kuratli, Pierre Favre and Norbert Pfammatter at the Jazz Schools in Bern and Lucerne. He has collaborated with Sophie Hunger, Colin Vallon, Dimlite, Merz, Jürg Halter and Rhys Chatham, and has toured throughout Europe, South America, Canada and the US.

Having performed on and been instrumental to the recording of the Merz album ‘No Compass Will Find Home’, Julian Sartorius went about re imagining the tracks using only his vast collection of acoustic percussion and drums to craft deep and unsettling new rhythm tracks to sit under Merz’ original vocals. The result of these experiments is the captivating ‘No Compass Will Find Home (Julian Sartorious Drum & Vocal Renditions), this is Julian’s first release for Accidental and our first joint release with Swiss label Everest Records