ILK are UK based Bob Tollast (vocals, bass, guitar), Olly Puglisi (guitar, bass, SPD sampler, backing vocals) and Tom Fisher (MPC sampler, keys, bass, backing vocals).

As members of Laurel Collective – alongside Mercury Award-winning producer Charlie Andrew (Alt J) – Puglisi and Tollast are also co-founders of In the Woods festival. Under the name Action Pyramid, Fisher’s work as a sound artist has featured as installations and headphone pieces at the Tate Modern, Tate Britain and Iceland’s Husavik Whale Museum.

Their debut album ‘Y U’ is set for release on 11st August 2017.

Ilk’s unique process creates a joyous mix of rich loop-based psych-pop and sonic exploration, which fuses effortlessly with live instrumentation to create a hazy and colourful soundscape laced with catchy melodies. It is at once playful and rhythmical, upbeat and melancholic, jagged and soft. As a result ‘Y U’ plays out as a captivating journey that manages to remain ever familiar on a path that’s new.