Gerry Read.

Gerry Read is an artist that’s been popping up as and when he pleases since the early 2010’s. Before the term ‘Outsider House’ had entered the dance music vernacular, Read was producing raw and messy DIY house jams, capturing an attitude that was simultaneously genre defining and brazenly flippant. Raised in Suffolk, his first real musical passion was metal. It was only while rummaging through his older brothers’ bedroom for condoms as an adolescent that he instead found his UK Garage and Jungle tapes.

Read’s unique brand of sample driven club music has seen him releasing music for labels including Pampa, Clone, Timetable, Fourth Wave and, as of 2018, our own Jnr imprint. While his sound has developed since the more functional material he put out with Aus Music, he has retained the wonderful energy of his early productions. And by that we mean that they’re still an utter shambles. A completely and utterly brilliant, beautiful shambles.