We were lucky enough to discover Cyranna at a crucial early stage of her career. The Brazillian DJ, multi-instrumentalist, painter and architect began her musical life experimenting with guitars, keys and voice. She has since developed her practice into the electronic sphere, finding a talent for creating deep and grooving house work-outs peppered with subtle sonic eccentricities. She has proved her chops straight out of the gate through the debut three tracker, ‘Plekkie’.

‘Plekkie’ means “place” in the afrikaans language and this her debut EP officially marks out her individual place in the world of electronic music. The EP opens with ‘Bruin’ (brown) a hypnotic cyclical bassline that rides out over some four-on-the-floor. ‘Pienk’ (pink), turns to a more melodic low key house undertaking that manages to be both cinematic and uplifting whilst pulling focus to the fundamentals of minimal dance music. The jagged edges of ‘Rooi’ (red) breaks with the 4/4 trajectory and closes the EP in the most abstract way, tapping into Cyrana’s affection for a bit of rock and metal influence.

Cyrana’s own paintings make up the artwork for the release, the synergy between them and the music is evident – clean, sincere and direct.