Cassius Select.

Thundering post-dubstep rhythms fuelled forwards by crashing rave moments, relentless hardcore energy, and a hefty helping of mischievous, rule bending production. That barely scratches the surface of the unique, relentless output of Sydney based artist Cassius Select. Genre defining sounds smash together in the most unorthodox ways and are de/re constructed into hyperactive club heaters.

He already had an impressive run of releases for the likes of Hunter Gatherer and DJ Haus’s Unknown To The Unknown when he joined the ranks of Accidental Jnr with 2017’s 90/HERD record, a two-track fury of sound that snarls with every grimace. He followed that up in 2018 with his ‘Essence’ 12”, pausing on the way to put out a record with prized UK label Hypercolour. He popped up with us again in 2019, this time on remix duties, delivering an atmospheric and murky breaks lead remix of Zilla With Her Eyes Shut’s ‘Sleepwalker’.

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