Abby Lee Tee.

Fabien Holzinger, aka Abby Lee Tee is one of a small, but select group of artists to join the Accidental family in 2020. The ever-evolving artist, from the Austrian city of Linz, has curated a sound that combines influences from instrumental hip-hop and electronica alongside his passion for field recordings and odd instruments. His productions stand out from the crowd, following the direction of his own playful narrational instinct. His debut with us came in the form of 2020’s ‘Cohabiting Species’, a record which was co-released with our friends at Shash recordings.

Finely cultivated ambient ecosystems from Austria’s Abby Tee Lee, making a strong debut on Herbert’s Accidental with a co-release of their ‘Cohabiting Species’ delicacy – think Automatisme meets Wanda Group – Boomkat

Cohabiting Species” is an EP of two movements – “A” and “B” – to appreciate listening after listening. Two hypnotic soundtracks that immerse you in layers of field recordings, alienated acoustic instruments and exceptional arrangements: a cinematic journey exploring the boundaries of human perceptions of nature and music, intermediate worlds full of elusive percussion, jittery sparrows, running waters, drumming hail, seesawing seagulls, rumbling pebbles, splintering ice, disfigured jaw harps, shruti box drones and warily inserted synth miniatures.