Zilla With Her Eyes Shut – Whisper Whisper

Zilla With Her Eyes Shut returns with her latest single ‘Whisper Whisper’.

Whisper Whisper is a twisted fairytale of a little girl and her imaginary friend who talks to her when she plays the piano as well as during the night. The friend dares to tackle subjects that the little girl is scared to talk about, revealing a deep anger towards her father and drawing plans to kill him his sleep.

Zilla says “This story comes from the childhood trauma I went through, I started hearing whispers in my head when I was about 10, right about the time I started playing piano. It is a joyful track because the imaginary friend made me feel like I wasn’t alone and instead of acting out the violence, at least it only happened in my head as a big explosion of sounds, words and colours.”

Objects that were sampled and used on the track include an old rhum bottle, blowing through pages of a book, a big stone, a light bulb, a pillow and a hair pin.