Zilla – Whatever It Is

Zilla kicks off 2018 with a killer new track. “Whatever It Is” is the third in a series of releases from a bold new artist, working somewhere between the crunch of the avant garde and the joy of a good hook.  

“Whatever It Is” takes a more menacing and provocative turn. “It’s a sensual love story with the voices living in my head, the temptation of letting go of sanity and surrendering to the crazy” Zilla explains.

‘Whatever It Is” is a nod to Zilla’s more hip hop leanings, with a minimal beat, humming flow and an arresting chorus that features a layer of the “other”’s voice over her own.

Zilla’s idiosyncratic compositions are rooted in deeply personal experiences and constructed of samples from objects symbolic to her unique stories and events.  For “Whatever It Is”, she used a toy horn with mexican samples, a black velvet bag, a stone, duct tape, handcuffs and hair clips. Frida Kahlo’s self portrait “The Wounded Deer” was a key visual reference – an emotional reference to accepting her fate and accepting the voice as a part of her personality rather than rejecting it.