Signing of Crewdson & Cevanne for their debut album

We are excited to announce the signing of duo Crewdson & Cevanne and will be releasing their debut album, BRACE. A rich offering of electronic-folk and avant-pop, Crewdson, known for his self-built electronic instruments, and Cevanne, an award-winning contemporary composer, blend their voices with ‘found sounds’ and new songs recorded on harp and DIY midi-controllers.

Stories of old England, modern throwaway culture, haunted forests and Artificial Intelligence are interwoven with field recordings of abandoned coal mines, plague stones, NASA space travel, archaeological digs and the deep, threatening hum of a nuclear power station which concludes the record.

The humour and melancholy which runs through the UK’s Folk tradition finds itself here in saturated technicolour and manipulated by a host of electronic instruments with LEDs flickering. The ’Concertronica’, ‘OddBox’ and infamous ‘Sonic Bonnet’ (a wearable tech headdress) have propelled the duo’s live shows at the Union Chapel, LSO St Luke’s, the National Portrait Gallery, and the Handel & Hendrix House Museum, among many others.