Herbert releases ‘Part 8’

Herbert PART 8Herbert returns with the third and final installment of 2014’s return of the ‘parts’ series.

Resident Advisor give it a healthy 4/5 here.

Following the recent ‘Part 6′ & ‘Part 7′ releases comes the next and, for now, final chapter taking the series (that originated on the now defunct Phono label circa 1995) up to ‘Part 8‘. This time the structure is changed somewhat by opening with the wonky synth-led track ‘The Wrong Place’, the familiar sound of Rahel’s vocals chopped up and distorted into an entirely different entity. Track 2 makes an immediate departure from anything else from the series so far with the melancholy ‘Remembering Ken’ featuring the lush vocals of ade omotayo. ade appears on the new Kindness record and was a backing singer for amy winehouse.

Side B of the vinyl opens with ‘Ticket’ a true Herbert techno workout with more than an element of his Wishmountain moniker appearing. The EP closes with the beautiful ‘Her Face’, cascading melodies melting over a throbbing 4/4 rhythm.
Part 8‘ ends the current run of EPs but lays the foundation for a new Herbert album with all new material to be released in early 2015…
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