ECZEMA! by Maria Fusco

The first release from Accidental Editions will be Maria Fusco’s black comedy ECZEMA! In conjunction with National Theatre Wales.

Maria Fusco says “Just like Rilke’s &’primal sound’; the incessant itching of eczema is perfectly embodied in red vinyl. The process of making the score for this vinyl, recording my own scratching, stretching it, playing it back through a mighty pipe organ’s MIDI is activated through sunken grooves, cyclical returns and a soul chomping commitment to obsessive attention. This irritation is captured at its most restless on vinyl, making a monument out of a necessity of itchiness.”

ECZEMA! written and directed by Maria Fusco explores the life of eczema, a skin condition
affecting an estimated 15 million people in the UK, including the writer herself. Fusco’s black comedy which powerfully embodies what it is to live in co-occupation and incessant dialogue with the disease, premiered at the Wales Millennium Centre on 28th July 2018 as part of the National Theatre Wales’ month-long festival celebrating 70 years of the National Health Service, “NHS70”.
One voice (Rhodri Meilir – BBC’s Hidden, Under Milk Wood, Pride) is in desperate dialogue with the great pipe organ in the BBC Hoddinott Hall. ECZEMA! is set to a specially composed score made from motion-captured scratching, to create a compelling vision of this ubiquitous skin disease.