‘The Machines Our Buildings Used To Hear’ – Matthew Herbert

Matthew Herbert’s ‘The Machines Our Buildings Used to Hear’ was originally developed for ‘Music for a Busy City’ as part of 2017s Manchester International Festival where Matthew joined 5 other composers in each creating a new piece of work using the sounds of the city.

Music for a Busy City took six leading composers out of the concert hall and into Manchester, making music for the spaces through which we pass every day. This pioneering project featured six new pieces of music, each created in response to a specific space in Manchester – from shopping centres and train stations to the Town Hall. Up to 10 minutes long, these recorded pieces became part of the spaces that inspired them – playing in rotation every hour, so you could journey around town and hear each one in succession. Whether you made a special trip or stumbled on the pieces by accident, Music for a Busy City challenged your perception of places you thought you already knew.

The piece now sees a release on the newly launched Accidental Editions label imprint with new artwork commissioned by Manchester based design team DR.ME.